After School Workshop- postponed 2022

Become a creator after school

JustArt provides exciting art programs after school each term where we do these exciting things together. Our workshops run over 8 weeks for 90 minutes each week and we currently have art classes near Hunters Hill, Boronia Park, North Sydney and Gordon.

Children learn art and craft techniques through developing imagination, self-confidence, critical thinking collaboration and reflection.

Workshops include ceramics, drawing, painting, sculptures, digital media and print-making.

Bookings are made through TryBooking and are $280 for the 8 week term.


How the workshops run

Creative Kids Vouchers can be added through our Try Booking system and once redeemed by our staff will be refunded to the same payment card.

Parents are asked to provide a nut free snack for your child to enjoy after school.

Download the handbook to learn more about how workshops are run.

What’s on Offer

Term 1 2021 After School  Workshop

Australian Bird Inspired Canvas

During the 8 week workshop, students will learn the characteristics of native Australian birds inspired by Nicky Shelton to form their canvas centrepoint.

Students will explore colours using acrylic paint and play with patterns to create their own stamps for the canvas.

Fine motor skills will be developed by making pom poms using yarn as a second activity.

North Sydney Demonstration School

Tuesday 2nd Feb – 23rd March 2021

Boronia Park

Wednesday 3rd Feb – 24th March 2021

AAM Learning Centre

Thursday 4th Feb – 25th March 2021

Term 2 2021 After School Workshop

Immersive 3D Animal Masks

Over 8 weeks students will create artworks inspired by the French artist Henri Rousseau. They will begin by creating an animal mask while learning about collage techniques.

The students will then wear their 3D masks within one of his artworks via our green screen for a totally immersive art experience.

Students will explore drawing emoji and animals, and play Pictionary to develop their spontaneous drawing and sculpting skills.

North Sydney Demonstration School

Tuesday 27th April – 15th June 2021

Boronia Park

Wednesday 28th April – 1th June 2021


Thursday 29th April – 17th June 2021

Term 3 2021 After School Workshop

Mixed media Sculptures

Over 8 weeks students will be introduced to mixed media sculpture from a range of materials.

Artwork by Louise Weaver will inspire students to create their own sculpture. Students will learn to use their fine motor skills to learn a range of practical skills in order to create their own mixed media animal sculpture which will be positioned on a stand.

Students will design and make their own seasonal cards using their fine motor skills to learn quilling.

North Sydney Demonstration School

Tuesday 20th July – 7th September 2021

Boronia Park

Wednesday, 21st July – 8th September 2021

AAM Learning Centre

Thursday 22nd July – 9th September 2021

Term 4 2021 After School Workshop

Mixed media Sculptures

Getting into the spirit of Summer, we will teach students over 8 weeks the techniques of ceramics to make their own Australian themed keepsake. Students will have the opportunity to decorate their keepsake inspired by contemporary artist Gerry Wedd. Students will create their own collograph to accompany their ceramic keepsake.

North Sydney Demonstration School

Tuesday 12th October – 30th November 2021

Boronia Park

Wednesday 13th October – 1st December 2021

AAM Learning Centre

Thursday 14th October- 2nd December 2021