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A fun way to learn and explore watercolours is with our child- friendly booklet.  Their imaginations will explode all the possibilities that come from using watercolours.

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There is so much to explore with our watercolour art box!

Child- friendly booklet will guide kids through how to do watercolour paintings of silly circles, bugs, fruit and flowers.

Their imaginations will explore all the possibilities that come from using watercolours. Creative juices will flow so then your child can go off on their own to create masterpieces.

What’s included in the box:

  • 22 Watercolour paints
  • 1x Watercolor brush
  • Sponge and tub
  • 36x water colour pencils
  • 1x HB pencil
  • 1x Watercolour sketchbook
  • 1x Fine line marker
  • 1x Artist rubber
  • 1x Glue stick
  • Mark Making Guide
  • 3x Blackcard
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“My daughter loved creating her mythical creature with a friend using the resources from JustArt in the Box.

I will continue to buy art boxes for her as she grows.”

Greg, Kincumber