School Art Incursions

Get in touch to arrange a customised art experience for your school!

The JustArt team is composed of passionate art teachers that are dedicated to honing the creative skills of young children.

Get in touch with us to arrange a customised art experience for your students. We cater to classes, grade, school projects by bringing all the art resources to you. Let your students discover the wonderful world of art by joining our art programmes!

We offer a choice of a one off 90 minute lesson or we come run a 8 week program at your school. We supply the art teacher, all the art resources, transform the space into an art room and take away all the mess.

Sessions include:

90 minute hands on lesson $18 per student

8 week program $120 per student

JustArt requires a minimum of 25 students to run the sessions.

Transform your students into artists by booking today!


You can check out our  Availability Calendar for the school term & download our school Incursions Terms and Conditions.